Store Options

  • allowOverwrite: boolean - A flag indicating whether this store or any of it's getters, mutations etc can be overwritten. Defaults to true.
  • providers: object - A StoreProviders object with a set of providers for this store.
  • extensions: array - An array of extensions to extend this store instance with.

Store Providers

  • read: function - A function to intercept readonly state before it is exposed from the store. Default is state => state.
  • write: function - A function to intercept writable state before it is passed into mutations. Default is state => state.
  • payload: function - A function to intercept a payload before it is passed into a mutation (or any extension that requests a payload). Default is payload => clone(payload).


  • dispose: function - A function for detaching the current event listener.


  • sender: string - The sender of this event (usually core).
  • store: string? - The name of the store this event originated on.
  • data: any - Any data related to the event.


  • mutation: string - The name of the mutation.
  • payload?: any? - The payload that the mutation was invoked with.
  • result?: any - The result returned from the mutation.