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Global State Management

Powerfully simple global state management for Vue 3


Harlem has a simple functional API for creating, reading and mutating state. From the most basic global state management needs to the most complex, Harlem has you covered.


All state exposed from a Harlem store is immutable. State can only be changed through mutations/actions making your state predictable and auditable.


Harlem is super lightweight, tree-shakeable, and dependency-free! It is designed to be used with native ES modules so even unused parts of your stores (getters, mutations, actions etc.) can be tree-shaken.


Harlem comes with a suit of official extensions that allow you to add extra features to your stores such as cancellable actions, tracing, transactions, undo/redo, and more. You can even write your own extension or plugin.

Great DX

Harlem has a great developer experience. It's built using TypeScript so all of your state, getters, and mutations are strongly typed. Harlem also has Vue devtools integration so you can explore your stores and see store events on the timeline in realtime.


Harlem is built by enterprise software engineers and used in medium-large enterprise software. It's built to handle even the most complex state management use-cases.

MIT Licensed